The Yamagata University Business Research Institute for Glocal Innovation (BRIG) has been Reborn.
Our mission until now has been “The creation and betterment of new and existing industries” – we will continue this goal whilst creating new ‘innovative’ and meaningful technologies.

In recent years the globalization of industry has expanded and global competition has grown fiercer, the industrial landscape as a whole has changed.
In order to develop local industry there is a need to produce new innovative venture creations and technology.

Our center aims to utilize the advanced technologies and problem-solving solutions that our University holds and turn that knowledge into industrial venture. Through this we will not only be able to promote the transfer of technology with industries but also local businesses and employment. We will continue to run programs with aims to resolve local problems within our community as well as aid in the cultivation of human resources within business.

The “innovation creation model” that I have put into practice in the market with the aims of giving back to the community will hopefully put Yamagata on the world map as a industrial region involved in innovative creation and technology (a silicon valley for the 21st Century)
We will continue to undertake projects to make our community and university at the forefront of the world.
Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

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