Organization chart

Manager of Centre ProfessorTadashi Onodera
Professor · Intellectual Property Manager/Enrollment Management DepartmentZenichirou EndoIntellectual property
Associate professor/Enrollment Management DepartmentYutaka SatoIntellectual property
Industry-academia collaboration/Organic Material Systems Research Promotion HeadquartersTeruo HarayamaIntellectual property
ndustry-academia collaboration/Organic Material Systems Research Promotion HeadquartersMitsuhiro WatanabeIntellectual property
Clerical / Intellectual PropertyTomoaki BabaIntellectual property
Clerical / Intellectual PropertyMisako OkuyamaIntellectual property
CoordinatorTatsuo MatsuzakiResearch plan / Promotion of commercialization
CoordinatorToshiaki HattoriResearch plan / Promotion of commercialization
ProducerTakayuki InoiResearch plan / Promotion of commercialization
Collaboration Promotion Researcher / (Yonezawa Shinkin Bank)Takuro KatoResearch plan / Promotion of commercialization
Collaboration Promotion Researcher / (Shonai Bank)Daisuke SanjoResearch plan / Promotion of commercialization
Visiting ProfessorTakashi ShibataBusiness human resources training
Project Research AssistantToyoyuki ItoBusiness human resources training
Research assistantSatoshi YazawaBusiness human resources training
Scholar of Industry RelationsMasao KashiwazakiBusiness human resources training
Project office workKasumi AndoBusiness human resources training
Deputy section chief/Research Support Section Research support assistantHiroh HiguchiManagement support
Clerical workSonoko HoshinaManagement support
Clerical workHiroko HashimotoManagement support
Clerical workKyoko KanoManagement support
Liaison AdvisorNobuhiro Kaneko
Liaison AdvisorYukiko Takahashi

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