What is Business Research Institute for Glocal Innovation (BRIG)?

We are a facility that supports the collaborative research, as well as acting to improve the research between facilities for all of Yamagata University’s 6 academic departments. We aim to continue to aid the type of innovative creation that only Yamagata University can provide.
(As of the 1st October 2009 the ‘Regional Collaboration Research Center’ and ‘Venture Business Laboratory’ were merged forming the ‘Yamagata University Business Research Institute for Glocal Innovation (BRIG)’)


Starting from the new and upcoming technology created at Yamagata University we aim to create ‘intelligent’ technologies for new industries as well as improve the quality of technologies for existing industries. With our University at the core – we aim to make our local industry a focal point for the world.


With our new technologies and problem solving solutions we will continue making creations that prove our innovation to the world. We aim to create a local ecosystem where industry, academic facilities, government, financial institutes cooperate.

Business contents

The Nurture and Development of New Technologies as well as their Practical Application

The Nurture and Development of New Technologies as well as their Practical Application

With the aim of having our new technologies and problem-solving solutions be actively implanted within society we plan on the transfer of technologies between our University designed venture creations and various businesses.

Operations Research, Regional Human Resources Development and their Application

・A new industrial revolution for future generations has arrived. For a diverse generation we aim to undertake meaningful operations research and further the human resources development of our senior instructors.

・By placing senior instructors in manufacturing roles for small/medium local businesses we plan on, not only improving the overall landscape of regional business, but the earnings and onsite management of these businesses.

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