Application Information – Applications for companies wishing to receive dispatch Senior Instructors have started

Currently as part of the ‘Yamagata Prefecture Industry Promotion Vision’ our University has introduced a program where Senior Instructors are dispatched to support small/medium sized businesses. Since 2015 we have been involved in helping the Yamagata Prefecture Growth Area Entry Strategy Support Project.

Senior Instructors are sent to visit companies with concerns about profitability. Upon deciding what the main factor for these concerns is the instructors work with the company to support and improve profitability. From aiding with improving customer satisfaction of individual companies to improving the scope and security of overall employment our instructors aim to hope local business and the regions they are dispatched to.

For those who are concerned with improving/fixing the problem of profitability and would wish to use our service please check carefully the conditions for applications before applying.

↓Please download the file and check the details

April 2017 “Public invitation guidance

May 2017 Business invitation guidance: Proposal