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カナダ・サスカチュワン大学 土壌生態学者のシナ アドル教授を招いて、公開セミナーを開催します。
シナ アドル教授は、平成28年度上半期山形大学国際事業化研究センター研究者支援プロジェクトである「海外からの講演者招へい助成事業」より8月10-21日の間に、山形大学農学部と岩手大学大学院農学連合研究科を訪問します。このたびのセミナーでは、アドル教授に『土壌生態学における土壌食連鎖研究の最前線』と題してご講演いただきます。

◆講演者:カナダ・サスカチュワン大学 シナ アドル教授
Lecturer:  Prof. Sina ADL from Department of Soil Sciences, University of
Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Date & Time: August  17, 2016 (Wednesday)
Place:  102 lecture room in Faculty of Agriculture
Title of lecture: Soil food webs: at the frontier of soil ecology
◆問い合わせ先 (Contact):程 為国准教授まで (Asso. Prof. Weiguo Cheng)


◆Abstract of lecture:
Interactions between species in the soil are responsible for the turnover of
immobilised microbial biomass. There are also interactions between roots and
soil species at the rhizosphere that attract or repel various interactions.
I present different approaches that can be used to understand and quantify
these food web interactions. These include stable isotope techniques,
community structure studies, DNA sequence based species richness studies,
and spectroscopy techniques. I will then show several new techniques being
developed to work with intact fine roots in-situ. I think our understanding
of the soil-root interface are at an exciting time with great prospects for
soil ecology and plant nutrition.